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Vastu Tips for your Dream House

Vastu Tips for your Dream House

Everyones dream of buying a house. If that house is in a big city than that will be a big achievement. Buying a home is not a big deal if you are not happy in your home. One thing was said in the olden times: Vastu Shastra.

There is still the importance of Vastu any belief or not. Vastu has a big contribution to positivity and negativity in a home. There are some tips for removing negativity or saving positivity

ü  Main entrance of home should be North, East or North-East (NE) direction. The main door opens in a clockwise.

ü  Wooden bed will be best for the bedroom. According to Vastu, your bed should be placed with the head towards the east or south. Best sleeping position is sleeping with your feet facing the west and head facing the east.

ü  Kitchen is the best place of any home, so it should be in right direction.

ü  Prayer room (pooja room) is a must for every home. It should always in the direction of North, East or the NE side.

ü  Pooja Room should never be made in the bedroom.

ü  Living Room is a part of the house that has all the activities of the house. It should face East, North or North-East. A North-West facing is also good.

ü  Study room facing should be North-East, East or West side of the house.

                                 Despite all this, if there is a problem, negativity can be removed from Feng Shui tips. Feng Shui is Chinese earliest art and science. Feng means Wind and Shui mean Water. In Chinese tradition wind and water are associated with Good Health, Good Fortune.  There are many ways like Chinese Coins, Dragon Turtle, Laughing Buddha, Money Plant etc.

                Using these tips we can change both our Life and our Destiny.